Building a Solid Foundation for Your Retirement.

The Retirement Resource Group works with premier companies to bring you cost-effective, superior financial and retirement products and plans. We offer over 100 different products including insurance plans, medical plans, annuities, and more than 40 highly reputable insurance and finance companies.  


Long-term Care and Home Health Care


We are all living longer, more active lives. With advances in medicine, many retirees continue to live active and fruitful lives for many years beyond their initial retirement age. Because people are living longer, the need to protect ones assets and income from the exorbitant cost of long-term medical care is greater. Our goal is to provide programs that will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your family’s future will be protected and you will be able to choose the quality of care you desire if the need were ever to arise.


We provide the following programs to ensure your needs are met:


•Comprehensive Long-Term Care Insurance

•Stand-alone Home Health Care Insurance

•Flexible Life Insurance policies with LTC programs

Our advisors will work closely with you to determine the best program for your unique situation.  

Our commitment doesn’t stop there, we continue to work with your as your needs change from

time-to-time throughout your retirement years.


Wealth Preservation


Our agents at The Retirement Resource Group is specifically trained to help your find ways to protect and maintain your quality of life throughout your retirement years. We use the following programs to ensure your retirement plans and savings are protected and guaranteed to last:


• Tax Deferred  and Immediate Annuities that can offer a life time income

• Deferred Annuities with Longer Term Care Benefits

• IRA Roll-overs and Transfers

Asset Protection


Our goal is to provide the best possible options for our clients to protect their assets during their life and the lives of their heirs. We focus on lowering costs and risk associated with many variable plans.




We offer no fee Fixed and Indexed Annuities that protect our clients from market loss and provide for little to no fees in most cases. We use over 20 top-rated companies so our clients have the ability to choose the best option to fit their specific needs.


Guaranteed Income


We create programs specific to our clients that will ensure they never run out of income in the future and continue to provide a life-time of income to their heirs.


Health Plans


Our primary market are medicare eligible individuals who seek our services for secondary coverage, dental plans, and prescription drug plans.

Insurance & Financial Services